2017 Was A Year Full Of . . .

What a year 2017 has been. Like every year, it had a lot of ups and downs, and at times felt wooden rollercoaster that not only had steep ups and stomach-dropping downs but also had a lot of really bumpy turns. And also similar to other years, 2017 was packed full of life lessons that I’ll carry into this next year.

2017 was. . .

Full of Adventure

From Jamaica to Arizona, Haiti, Arkansas, Tennessee, and Michigan, this year was one full of adventure; my very favorite thing. My husband, Joe, and I got to explore new places together and hike in many different states. For me, experiences and memories will always be more important than material things.
Traveling allows us to make these memories together all while seeing God’s creation, meeting new people and experiencing new things. But, even in Indiana, we had some fun adventures. We spent Saturday mornings hiking at Eagle Creek Park or fishing in the little pond behind our apartment. What I learned is that adventure can be anywhere you go or stay, you just have to be willing to find it.

Full of Waiting

One thing this year really taught me was patience because I did a lot of waiting. I spent a few months looking for a job, and that few months felt like forever. I applied everywhere I could think of from Target to Kroger to receptionist jobs and everything in between…and would never hear from them. No interviews, no phone calls, nothing, radio silence. And that was hard. But then out of nowhere, God opened a door at an organization with a job that’s is better than anything I had imagined. And what I learned is that God’s plan is always better than our own. Even while we wait, God is teaching us and preparing us for whatever is ahead.

Full of Firsts

This year Joe and I got our first dog and bought first house. And along with firsts come many, many lessons. Even though we both grew up with pets, it was different getting one of our own. Not being able to rely on our parents to let her out if we were going to be gone all day, and get her to the vet at the right time for all her shots. Our floppy-eared bundle of joy, Carley, has taught us everything from responsibility to extreme patience and understanding but has also been a wonderful example of unconditional love in our lives. Buying a house was a big step, and it was sure a complicated one. But it’s been exciting to turn a house into a home and make it a place to live and grow together. What I learned is that with firsts, comes lots of change. But change is good, it means your growing, not stagnant, and for that, I am thankful.

Full of Joy and Gratitude

Joe and I celebrated our one year anniversary in South Haven, Michigan in September, moved into our first house and got to travel quite a bit. And to say the least, this year has been filled with joy and gratitude. It has been such a blessing to be married to my best friend, every day (even the hard ones) is filled with laughter and smiles (even if on some days it’s through tears). I find myself thanking God daily for the loving and kind husband he brought into my life, as well as our furry, snugglebug dog. And while not every day is sunshine and butterflies, I’ve learned that every day there is something to be thankful for. God brings so much joy into my life and shows me his love through the big things as well as the little things; coffee time on Sunday mornings before church, Saturday walks through the woods, grilling out on warm summer evenings, it really doesn’t get much better. What I’ve learned is that life doesn’t have to be perfect to for it to be overflowing with joy and gratitude.

Thanks God, for another wonderful year on your breathtakingly beautiful planet.



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