The Thankful Project

I can be a pretty anxious person. I also overthink everything and worry about the little things in life way too much.

I’ve been going through an even more difficult season of life and through it, I have struggled with being thankful. God has blessed me with so much, and I have so much to be thankful for. But, sometimes these things get overlooked when we are so focused on the negative parts of life.

So I began The Thankful Project.

Every day for a week I wrote down what I was thankful for, and at the end of the week, I had a totally new perspective.

Here, I will share with you snippets of the first 7 days and invite you to continue this journey of thankfulness with me.

Day 1

And today, in particular, I’m thankful for simple conversations that lead to discussions about wonders of the universe and the greatness of our God.

And for coffee shops to sit in at 6AM for meaningful conversations with good friends.

And for the smiles and laughter and bits of knowledge that come from Monday meeting side discussions about how glasses and fax machines work and how long it takes to get to the moon.

I’m thankful for joy in the midst of pain and friendship in the midst of struggle.

Day 2

I’m thankful for the beauty God created, the time he took to make the world incredibly stunning. The little details the He didn’t neglect because He neglects nothing. Not even the color of the flowers.

I’m thankful He paints the sky different colors every morning and evening. I’m thankful He tells us He loves us through His creation, through the flowers and snow and wind and rain.

I’m thankful God decided to make watermelons, I think He knew they would be my favorite food.

And when watermelons are out of season (currently) I’m thankful for watermelon flavored everything.

Day 3

I am thankful for the little retention pond behind our apartment, and imaginations that allow us to pretend it’s the ocean instead.

I’m thankful for good books and the authors that wrote them.

And for cozy couches to read them on and the quiet time they bring.

I’m thankful for big life changes (even though I really don’t like change) and all the excitement that comes with them.

Day 4

Today I am thankful for a day filled with so much joy and laughter that I almost forgot to look at my phone.

I am thankful for a mom who is an amazing cook and a dad who always has the best stories to tell, both who always put a smile on my face.

For parents who love us so incredibly well.

I’m thankful for grandparents who care about us so deeply and always give us a reason to laugh.

Day 5

Today I am thankful for leftovers.

I am thankful for evenings snuggled up on the couch with Joe, a Christmas movie on, colorful lights filling the room and pumpkin pie for dinner.

I’m thankful that being an adult doesn’t mean you still can’t have dessert for dinner, it just means you don’t have to ask first.

I’m thankful for warm enough November days to take our dog for a stroll through the woods.

Day 6

Today I am thankful for the gift of running.

I’m thankful for the friends and long life talks it brings.

And for the adventures it takes me on.

I’m thankful wooded trails to run in, to get away from the busy city streets.

I’m thankful for hot showers to come home to after chilly runs.

Day 7

Today I am thankful for the time I got to spend with my mom.

I’m thankful that even though we both hate shopping, it’s enjoyable when we go together.

I’m thankful for her encouraging and graceful spirit and the way it overflows into others lives.

I’m thankful we can laugh together and cry together and pray together.

I’m thankful for how supportive her and my dad are, in everything I do.

The Thankful Project: Why I’ll Continue

I thought writing about things I’m thankful for every day would be easy.

But if you’re anything like me, and occasionally you have days that are hard, it can feel like there’s not a lot to be thankful for.

I didn’t sit down every evening, quickly listing on all the good things that happened that day. Instead, some days I had to really think about all that God had blessed me with.

For something to be truly thankful for….

There weren’t huge, life-changing, dramatic things to be thankful for day after day.

And what I learned is that that is okay.

Instead, there have been seemingly insignificant and mundane parts of my day that, turns out, are just as much of a blessing.

The things we miss if we aren’t careful.

The hand of God in a compelling conversation we have at lunch.

And in the breeze blowing through tree branches shaking colorful leaves to the ground.

And in the smile you get from a stranger that completely brightens your day.

But I miss them all if I’m not paying attention.

So today I am thankful for the lessons I’ve learned (and will continue to learn) from this project.

And even more so, I’m thankful for seeing God’s hand at work in unlikely places.

I’m thankful that God is present and alive, that he’s not hiding. But he’s continuously showing us how much he loves us in such incredible ways, if we would just keep our eyes open.



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