Five Winter Date Ideas

Whether you’re dating, in a serious relationship or married, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut of going on the same date every week or month, especially in the winter when it can be more difficult to find things to do. Dinner, Netflix, movies, TV. It gets old. But date night should be something fun and exciting that we look forward to! Here are a few fun date nights to have with your significant other during those cold, winter months!

1. Christmas Festivities

This is one of my all-time favorite things to do with my husband during winter, and actually one of the first dates we ever went on! Bake some Christmas cookies, spend a couple of hours together decorating cookies and then hop in your car and go drive around and look at all the Christmas lights! Here in Indy Indiana Reynolds Christmas Light Display is a fun one to drive through! It’s free and open from November 22nd – January 1st! If you don’t mind spending a little money, Lights at the Brickyard is popular as well. But tickets to get in cost anywhere from $25- $50 per car depending on day and group size: 

2. Sports Games

Even if you aren’t a huge sports fan, it can still be fun to go to a basketball or hockey game and just enjoy the atmosphere. You can get pretty cheap tickets for Pacer’s games in the nosebleed section, but we always still really enjoy being there. I personally really enjoy hockey games, who doesn’t love a good fight every now and then.

3. Cook Dinner Together

My husband Joe and I love to cook together. This can be a good way to work on some teamwork and communication and usually get a good laugh too. Look up a fun recipe, something you’ve never made before, go to the grocery together and then turn on some music and get to cooking! Light some candles and enjoy each others company without even leaving the house.

4. Ice Skating or Roller Skating

These are both fun things to do when it’s too cold to spend long periods of time outdoors. Joe and I have done both ice and roller skating and have always had a good time. Even if you or your significant other are clumsy, it can be fun to learn a new skill like this together. Most skating rinks are fairly inexpensive, but be sure to check the public skating times before you go!

5. Rock Climbing

I’m a little bias because rock climbing is a favorite hobby of mine, but indoor rock climbing is a date night that will bring out your adventurous side! At most climbing gyms you can get a day pass for about $20 and stay for as long as you want! You can also rent shoes and a harness, and most places will teach you the basics of belaying! It’s a fun way to get active together and ditch Netflix for a few hours!



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