The Bride’s Guide To a Stress Free Wedding Day

Bride’s and their families spend months planning the perfect wedding. You plan everything from the food and venue, down to the color of the napkins and flower petals; it’s daunting, to say the least.

Leading up the big day is hectic and stressful. Of course, you want to pull it off flawlessly, for everything to go exactly the way you planned.

But if we are being realistic, nothing ever goes as planned.

I had planned to have an outdoor ceremony. When I woke up on my wedding day, it was pouring down rain.

I had planned to have five bridesmaids. Two days before my wedding we encountered an issue and I only had four.

I ripped a little hole in the lace on my dress during the reception.

We never rehearsed walking down a make-shift aisle inside, so we winged it.

But honestly, as much as I thought all of this would stress me out, I was so calm the entire day of my wedding. So, I’m here today to give you a few tips on how to make your wedding day memorable and stress-free.

1. Have a Backup Plan

Have a backup plan for if it rains. Bring extra bobby pins and hair accessories. Come with a bag of snacks (no one likes a hangry bride). Pack a bag of all the things you will need for the entire day the night before, don’t forget extra clothes if you and your groom are going to a hotel or headed straight for the airport.

2. Let people help you

If you’re anything like me, you probably like to do everything yourself. Either you hate asking for help, or you just don’t think you need help. Whatever the case is, put that aside for today and let your friends and family help you with everything. Let them help set up. Let them pamper you. Let them do your make-up. Don’t push them away or get grumpy, they love you and want this day to be special for you!

3. Start the day off by doing something you love

For me, this was running. It was pouring down rain, so two of my bridesmaids and I got up and went to the gym to run on the treadmill. Then we set in the sauna for awhile, showered and headed to get brunch. Do something that you find relaxing or helps you release any stress. Have fun and don’t start worrying about everything being perfect from the second that you wake up.


This is your wedding day!! Enjoy it and have fun! Don’t let little things make you grumpy or bring you down. Have fun with your guests, don’t throw a fit over why someone brought your ex-best friend as their date and let it ruin your night. Dance with your husband and friends, and don’t care about how silly you look doing it! Smear the cake all over the grooms face even if it means you get a little bit of it on your dress.

5. Remember this

Do not sweat the small stuff. In a year from now, you won’t remember that one table was missing part of its centerpiece, or that Aunt Judy set at the wrong table. You won’t remember the little things that stressed you out so badly on the day of your wedding. All you will remember is that you had the best day of your life and married the man of your dreams. Just remember, if everything else goes wrong, it’s pouring rain and a bridesmaid can’t make it, at the end of the day you will still be married! And that’s really all that matters



Wedding Photo’s by Lisa Ann Photography


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