How To Adventure Through Scottsdale, Arizona

Oh Scottsdale, we adored you.

My husband and I took a five day trip to Scottsdale, Arizona back in February and had a wonderful experience. Scottsdale is full of activities for every type of person. Something for the avid hiker, the shopaholic, the lounger, the fitness lover, the foodie and more. On our trip there, we hit a little bit of everything.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at a historic but “hip” hotel in downtown Scottsdale called Hotel Valley Ho. The atmosphere of the entire hotel was incomparable to any other hotel I have stayed at, we enjoyed every second. It had a nice bar, pools, firepits and great food. And to make it even better, it was within walking distance of almost everything, but if you don’t like to walk there is a trolly stop just around the corner! Here is the link to get to their website:

Exploring The City

We love to explore new towns, so we went a lot of time walking the street of the city. Downtown Scottsdale has lots of tourist shops, malls, bars and food (a wonderful pizza place called Grimaldi’s Pizzeria)

There is a separate part of the city called Old Town Scottsdale, which we enjoyed just as much. This had lots of boutique and souvenir shops as well as jewelry and art galleries. If you like art, you would enjoy spending time roaming around the Art District. Old Town Scottsdale also has lots of restaurants and bars, the whole area has a very Southwestern flair to it.

There were many different kinds of restaurants throughout Scottsdale. Lots of Tex-Mex eateries, one of our favorites being Salty Senorita. Between the food, service, and atmosphere, it was a great place to eat.

Even with how much we loved the Salty Senorita, one restaurant beat it out for all time favorite in Scottsdale. There is a little brunch cafe called The Breakfast Club that is a must! They serve you huge portions and creative but delicious meals. We could have gone there every morning and had been happy.

Besides shopping and eating, we both enjoy being active, and Scottsdale is a good place to do so. There is a canal that runs all through Scottsdale and seems to go on forever. One afternoon we rented bikes from our hotel and took them out to explore this area. The canal has a path that runs along the side of it that is perfect for biking or running. Part of it goes through the busier downtown but then goes out into side roads and behind neighborhoods where we didn’t have to cross over roads anymore.

Hiking In The Area

One of my personal favorite things to do is hike, so we went hiking twice while we were there. The first hike we went on was Camelback Mountain. It is about a 10 minute drive depending on traffic, but definitely worth the trip over.

There are two separate trails that will lead you to the summit of Camelback Mountain; Echo Canyon orChollo. The difference between the two of them is the difficulty level. Echo Canyon is the one we took on the way up. It is pretty steep and there is a lot of a bit of scrambling involved. Chollo isn’t as steep but takes the long way up. We took Chollo on our way down (keep in mind, these trails

start at different sides of the mountain, we Ubered there so this wasn’t a problem!) It was a beautiful hike and my favorite part of our trip.

The next hike we went on was Piestewa Peak Summit Trail. This one was steeper then Camelback, but just as fun. At the top we got a 360-degree view of the Pheonix area. It was about 2.5 miles round trip, but there are other trails close by if you want to get more hiking in!

We absolutely love Scottsdale and all of the memories we created there. I would highly recommend stopping by this area if you have the chance.



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